Welcome to Researchers-USA. We are a research consulting firm that addresses our client's needs and challenges in doing business in the US. Researchers-USA will find a representative or the agent to your company in South America. Our goal is to have companies reach their maximum performance through the proper skills, people and information. Helping our clients deliver superior potential is what we strive for. 



What would be the best and most efficient way to solve any problem your company might encounter while operating in South America? Consultants that are familiar with the market and can help you run an efficient, cost-effective and profitable operation.


Would you like to offer this service in South America, where economic growth has advanced, even during times of financial crisis in other places?


How long have you been purchasing from the same supplier? Can you be certain that they are offering you competitive pricing and quality? Are you satisfied with their support?


Confidence and total discretion are basic factors before determining optimum investments. When investing in a country, such as Brazil, you can be assured that capital investments have offered excellent yields, as well as maintaining principal security.


Which product events will maximize your companies potential and offer product exposure? After the event, how do you utilize the obtained contacts to maximize growth and profitability?


How will your product be accepted here? Who are the principal and main competitors in the South America? What will be the consumer reaction of the regard to the quality and price of your product?


We can help you find a business partner in the South America that will fulfill your expectations, needs and confidence.


About Us

Our goal is to help our clients maximize their performance, through our resources people, knowledge and technology we commit to our clients and members of our team. Applying the right information with the right people at the right time will get result in improvement in performance. This is what we strive for at Researchers-USA. Whether you are in New York, Paris or Tokyo, Researchers-USA will give your company presence in the South America. Our team will be there to help you meet your strategic and economical goals. We understand your global needs with a local presence. 


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  • Our office is located at 257 Ferry Street, 2nd Floor in Newark, NJ 07105 USA